Funga Alafia
Five little ducks
Tony Chestnut
Found objects
Bouncy Bouncy babies
Brush Teeth
Doctor Foster
Hokey Cokey
Little Laddie
One arm in
One block, two blocks
Rock our Baby
Hush now
Shaker, Shaker
Skip to my Lou
Stretch up high
Row, Row, Row
Swish, Swash
Dem bones
Apples and Bananas
Frere Jacques
Round and Round
Salt and Pepper
One sock on
Harp lullaby
It's nappy time!
Scarf dance
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Salt and Pepper

Bright Ideas

Once you get bored with a phrase, take turns to change to a new one.

Make mealtimes more musical by creating a “voice band” using short words or phrases. You can do this at any time, with any words. It’s great fun and a real challenge.


How long can you keep going?

Try with any words based on where you are or what you’re using: for example, pizza toppings, things you see on a journey, toys in the room.